Rebrand Your Business: Finding the Right Graphic Designer

In the competitive world of business, having a strong brand image and clear messaging which targets your customers is key to not only surviving but thriving in the marketplace. If you are concerned that the branding and messaging used by your business is tired or out-of-date, you may be thinking about hiring a graphic designer. This article will talk you through some of the steps you should take when searching for a graphic design agency. Read on to find out more.

Check out a portfolio of work

Every graphic designer worth their salt will have an extensive portfolio of work which shows off their abilities. When looking at a portfolio, look out for work the designer has completed which is similar to the job you need them to do. For instance, if they have worked on a rebranding exercise for a company of a similar size or for a company which provides similar products and services, this suggests that they could be a good fit when working with you. Having said this, do not be put off if the portfolio doesn't contain work which is directly relevant to the task you will be asking them to complete. Provided that the work is high quality, a designer who has worked on projects in a diverse number of industries could bring fresh thinking and innovative design skills to the job.

Check out their qualifications

While a portfolio will give you a good idea of how skilled the graphic designer is, it is always a good idea to check out if they have gained a professional qualification in the subject. While there are plenty of great freelance designers out there who are self-taught, there is an advantage to hiring someone who has been professionally trained. This advantage is that you can be sure that the designer understands the industry, the law around copyright and the fundamentals of image design and typography.

Ask for a sample

If you want to be sure that a designer is the right person for the job, you should ask for a sample of work. You will have to pay a fee for this to cover the hours the designer spends working on the sample image but most designers keep this fee to a minimum as a successful sample could lead to a big contract. Some designers will even offer to produce a free sample in the hope of winning a contract.

If you would like to find out more, contact a graphic designer today.