Critical Factors That Determine the Choice of a Printing Technique

Writing and publishing your first book might seem like two complex tasks that you must get right from the onset as a budding author. However, most authors focus too much on writing and publishing and forget about another critical task, book printing. You can write your heart out and use the services of an accomplished publisher, but if the printing goes wrong, then it is improbable that your book will be successful. Notably, book-printing services use different printing techniques, and your choice depends on certain factors. This article highlights such issues.


One of the most critical factors you should consider when deciding on a book printing technique is time. Notably, the printing services you choose to work with will ask you how fast you want your copies since it determines the technique to use. For instance, digital printing is the best method if you want short-run batches, the entire process will not take too long, excluding shipping time. On the other hand, if you want long run prints, then offset printing is ideal since the entire printing process lasts just a few weeks. Note that the amount of time it takes to print also depends on whether you want paperbacks or hardbacks.


The next question a professional book printer will ask you is the number of copies you need. It is because professional printers choose a printing method that is efficient and economical based on the volume a client wants. For example, if you want between several hundred for the first batch, it may be more economical to use the offset printing technique. Conversely, although digital printing has evolved over the years, it may be recommended for small printing volumes.


How much colour is involved and what is the desired quality? Some books focus primarily on colour quality compared to others, which plays a critical role in selecting the printing method. For instance, wedding photo books comprise different colours that must be captured accurately during printing. The best printing method for such colourful projects is offset printing. Notably, the book printing technique can produce colours with unrivalled precision and consistency. It is attributed to the technique's colour matching system and inks applied on the press. On the other hand, if you only need colour on a book's cover, then digital printing is ideal.

Printing a book requires utmost attention. To learn more, contact a book printing company.