Custom Labels and Small Business Marketing Practices

Custom labels are a simple and inexpensive way to market your small business. A unique label can turn a generic mailer or wrapper into branded packaging; they're also a great way to convey information and catch customers' eyes. These tips will help you design the label that's right for you and your business. 

Extend your branding

Your label design should harmonise with the rest of your company's branding. This could mean using your company's logo or other images on the label; if that isn't possible, you can always make sure that the colour scheme, fonts and other details of your label match your overall branding in order to create a unified appearance. 

Create value

Both mailing labels and product labels are easy ways to communicate with customers. If you want your customers to retain that information, though, you need to make your labels valuable. Consider using your labels to provide customers with special officers, discount codes, unique rewards and more. If space is limited, you can even print labels with a QR code they can scan with their mobile phones. 

Get personal 

Small businesses thrive on creating a sense of personal interaction with customers. This is especially true for online retailers such as crafters and artists. One way to enhance this relationship is with a personal message on each product. Leave a blank space on labels for a handwritten message of thanks. It'll take a few extra seconds per product, but it'll make customers feel directly connected to you and your work. 

Different labels for different purposes

Custom labels can be used as mailing labels, product labels and more. The design of each type of label needs to reflect its purposes. This means that product labels, unlike mailing labels or wrapping for mailed products, need to be eye-catching enough to attract a customer's attention in a display or on a store shelf. Save detailed information for rear labels or mailing labels; main product labels need to communicate the product identity in a visually striking way. 

Similarly, when designing your custom label you can choose among a variety of different types. Cut-to-size labels are individual labels, typically larger, that come on their own sheet of backing paper, while roll labels are usually smaller and come on a single roll of backing. Roll labels are easy to apply, making them ideal for mailing and packaging, while cut-to-size labels allow a greater variety of designs and are ideal for main product labels. 

Custom label printing is an easy and cost-effective way to add some distinctive character to your products and marketing. Making the right choices in label design and selection will help you get the most out of this simple strategy.