Food Container Printing Services for Food Stockpiles

Many families are now starting to make food stockpiles. This is to ensure that there is food in the home if there is a job loss or if there are massive pricing increases. As you develop your stockpile, you may go from prepackaged meals to canning and packing your meals yourself. With that in mind, there are certain food labels and container printing services you may want to consider. This is especially true for long-term storage options. Here are a few of those printing services and what to know about each one.

Freezer-Proof Labels

Many of the foods you may prepare for your short-term food stockpile will go into freezer food containers. With that in mind, you need to have freezer-proof labelling. These labels stick to the food container through the freezing conditions. Keep in mind that some labels will lose their adhesive and come off. If you are moving containers around often, the labels can be lost. By using printed freezer-proof labels, you have the labels printed with the food and ready to go into the freezer without concern for the label becoming lost from the container over time.

Vinyl Decal Labeling

One type of food container label you may not consider is vinyl decals. Vinyl decals are ideal if you have glass or metal containers. The vinyl can stick directly to the containers and will hold up over long periods of time and in various weather conditions. If you will be using glass mason jar food containers and placing them in a root cellar–style storage, then the vinyl may be ideal for durability. You can also see the vinyl clearly in most conditions, which makes organizing your food easier in your stockpile storage.

Reusable Labeling

You will find that you need to rotate your food stockpile. With that in mind, you might want to consider reusable labelling. These labels allow you to use grease pencils or other types of markers to label the containers. When you are done with the food in the container, you can wipe off the lettering and reuse the label. You can also have printing services for labels that are reusable but the lettering is permanent.

Keep in mind, if you will be having the same meal prepared in several containers, you can have bulk container printing services. These bulk services can reduce your costs and help to give you the preprinted food container you need for your stockpile. If you need special printing services, such as weatherproof labels, contact your printing contractor. They can help you get what you need.