Important Things to Note About CNC Contouring

CNC contouring is at the peak of machine sophistication in milling, and these machines are the most expensive to buy. The reason behind this is that they move in complex motions, even if the cost is related to the need for sophisticated packages available. To avoid being talked into spending more than what is needed, you should know their differences and how they could benefit you. It is a lot better to have an understanding of the categories that they have available. You can find out more here.

5-Axis Machining

5-axis machines are specifically appropriate for CNC contouring applications. Since contouring involves the finishing of a detailed or unique part, the different axes movements allow the tools to access difficult areas.

Less Machining Time With the 5-axis CNC

There is less time consumed because the machine uses a flat bottom endmill and it perpendicularly stays on the surface. You can utilise a full diameter step-over rather than using the short step-overs. Those that run on a small step-over to produce a smooth surface will appreciate this feature.

Cycle times are also reduced because using CNC contouring can reduce cycle times by cutting a few minutes from the time cycle. This is achieved by getting rid of redundancies in the application. Instead of only contouring one area that does not need it, the specific areas that need machining time are located for better efficiency.

The Surface Finish Is Better

There are no more small scallops compared to when you are using flat bottom endmill. You no longer have to clean up abrasives and elbow grease. Shorter tools that have less reflection means there is a lot less chatter and improved finishes of the surfaces.

Better Consistency

CNC contouring programs are normally the best when it comes to consistency and the ability to take on complex designs. Therefore, no matter what the design is, CNC contouring can finish the job without experiencing any trouble that may slow down the job.

There Is Less Competition

Not all shops are going to have the 5-axis machine and the skills needed to make it work. Using 5-axis CNC contouring capability can give a real advantage over the competition because you will have an edge. You just need to make sure that your current project can benefit from this.

These are the important points you need to learn about CNC routers and why they are important in every industry, especially in manufacturing.